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Founded in 2006, Bar Harbor Biotechnology offers the highest quality software and consumables for genetic research.

Our flagship product, The StellARray™ Gene Expression System are pre-validated qPCR Arrays that take the difficult steps of primer design and optimization out of your hands, allowing you to focus on generating better data in less time. The combination of GeneSieve™ bioinformatics, StellARray™ Real-Time PCR arrays, and Global Pattern Recognition™ bioanalysis software will change the way you approach gene expression experiments.

XenoQ™ Assays are quantitive PCR assays designed to detect human tumor xenografts in a mouse background and identify gene expression changes crucial to malignant transformation, invasion and metastasis with no cross reactivity to mouse genes. Measuring the response of a human tumor to drugs and therapies will now be faster and more accurate with XenoQ™ Assays.

Our CRO Services include contract research on human and mouse gene targets based on our lab validated assays. GeneSieve designs experiments in the context of your biological research. Select from our StellARrays™ or XenoQ™ Assays. Data generated from the experiment will be analyzed with our Global Pattern Recognition™ algorithm and returned within 14 business days. Let our CRO services help you Reveal Real Results.

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Bar Harbor BioTechnology announces the release of XenoQ™ Assays
January 19, 2010
Bar Harbor BioTechnology, Inc. announced the release of XenoQ™ Assays today for quantitation of human tumor response in xenograft ...
Bar Harbor BioTechnology, Inc. Launches a New Line of StellARrays™
March 6, 2008
Bar Harbor BioTechnology Inc. announced the launch of its new line of human StellARray™ products for gene expression research today. This initial ...

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